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About us

Born in 2018 iRecycle was formed with a single vision, change for better.

Tackling how waste is transported out of  London initially, iRecycle introduced waste by water using barges to transfer large quantities of commercial waste along the Regents & Grand Union canal before it is treated for recycling & waste to energy. This old but  innovative method has removed 730 truck movements off London’s roads over a 24 month period even with COVID 19.  Our management team are tasked to think outside the conventional box, disrupt the  normal methods and above all to provide a bespoke range of services, to enable  companies to rethink their current waste strategy and implement a more sustainable approach.

iRecycle at its core, functions like a Social  Enterprise working at the heart of positive change; continuously striving to do the right thing and seeking environmentally friendly methods to protect our planet.

iRecycle strives to provide both an  environmental & social impact wherever  possible and however small. Our motto  #DotheRightThing is what motivates &  encourages all of our team forward and to look at all of the possibilities for positive change in our work.

Recycle waste by water using barges in London
Recycle waste iRecycle team
Recycle waste from barges waste being collected

Social Impact & Ending Homelessness

In addition to Road & Water waste removal services, we are  enormously proud that 45% of our operations team have been  employed via homeless charities from its inception; helping to reduce increasing homelessness figures in the UK with both Crisis UK, St Mungo’s & Centrepoint.

Our ideology is to benefit the environment from within the  company, as well as outside through the specialist services we  provide to our clients.

We are enormously proud that our partner charities assist us to  enable homeless candidates back into work, providing employment, stability & support to them as they return to independent living. 

Marian’s Story

Our first ever Crisis UK employee, Marian was employed in January 2019 & successfully applied for his own property that same year and we are delighted that he was handed the keys to his new home in May 2019 & no longer lives in a shelter or on the streets.

To date we have employed an additional 4 other employees from homelessness and 2 have also been successfully housed and continue working with us today.

Recycle waste iRecycle bins
Homeless person in London
Recycle waste mixed plastic and bottles

meet the team


CEO & Founder 

Elliot Lancaster is a dynamic & focused businessman with a flair for breaking the mould. Having spent over 20 years in the environmental industry, Elliot has pioneered a revolutionary new waste management business that is a true disruptor.

Now Founder & CEO of iRecycle Waste Management Ltd, turning to the waterways to provide a unique solution to waste transportation that not only reduces carbon footprint but with significant positive environmental & social impact


Director of development 

The move into iRecycle marked an exciting step into the new industry of waste management for Sarah; seeing iRecycle as a company pioneering positive change on both an environmental & social impact level & took the role of Director of Development as an opportunity to enhance upon this by focusing on positive change both inside & outside of the organisation.

Sarah has championed iRecycle & its unique services across the iRecycle portfolio enabling clients to access services that cannot be found elsewhere in London.


board Director 

Jason has spent most of his career in financial services in the City and in recent years, has invested in a portfolio of diverse businesses both nationally and internationally.

There are also undeniable synergies with generations of his family working as Lightermen on barges in days past; iRecycle’s unique waste by water service is close to Jason’s heart, along with sustainability and the social values set at the heart of iRecycle’s DNA. 


Business development assistant 

Proudly joining the family business, Mason has become the first apprentice staff member for iRecycle, whilst studying for Level 3 Business Management.

Mason brings a fresh dynamic to the business with a very mature head for operational logistics and a passion for growth & development. In the past year alone, he has shown on many occasions his ability to trouble shoot on the job & clear leadership skills with both his peers & clients. We are looking forward to seeing how his apprenticeship can both benefit & progress the company



Having worked for the Lancaster family for well over 2 decades Sharon is considered family. With over 20 years of experience in the Environmental Service Industry and is responsible for keeping the drivers, skippers and Elliot in line. Sharon also coordinates our service partners and ensures our hub in Camden is running smoothly.

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