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The iRecycle ethos has always been about the social & environmental impact our services can provide from its inception: Planet & People is at the very heart of what we do every day. We are nothing without our planet but iRecycle is nothing without its people

The iRecycle Waste Strategy provides an essential service to both our clients & to our planet. We consistently educate the importance of efficient waste stream recycling & separation, avoidance of contamination & achieving sustainable goals with all of our clients.

However, we are also committed to raising awareness of the success we have had sourcing staff from homelessness and raising awareness of the ever increasing battle on homelessness.  As an employer, we see the employment of homeless & vulnerable candidates as a vital part of our Corporate & Social Responsibility.

Canal Clean Up initiative – Whilst transporting our waste along the Regents Canal we also offer our clients, partners & local organisations the opportunity to clean up the canal, as we head to our partner recycling facility. Fishing out waste as we travel & helping to keep the waterways free of pollutants & waste. 

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At iRecycle, we are continuously striving to provide a foundation of sustainable values both environmentally & socially, setting us apart from other waste management providers within the industry.

We are proud to announce that we have now completed the first phase of our comprehensive carbon management program. This establishes us as a carbon neutral business and results in being awarded neutral carbon zone silver certification, confirming that our organisational emissions have been calculated in accordance with ISO 14064 and the GHG Protocol Corporate standard, and subsequently offset in full with certified carbon offset credits.

The next phase of our program is already underway and will deliver operational and supply-chain emissions reporting to better position our business to reduce the impact of our wider scope 3 emissions.

We are also delighted to support the UK based ‘Tree in a Million’ campaign. iRecycle plants at least one tree per month to help further reduce carbon emissions supporting our ethos #dotherightthing

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