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We are proud to be able to offer our clients an extensive list of waste removal services, providing end to end reporting and an understanding of their waste collection journey whether its is recycled, reused or repurposed.

Narrow Boat by LTC Rolt says…

…”To step down from some busy throughfare on to the quiet tow-path of a canal, even in the heart of a town or city, is to step backward a hundred years or more and to see things in a different & perhaps more balance perspective.”


Social Impact & Ending Homelessness

For our clients fortunate enough to be located near the waterways, our Waste by Water service utilises the Canal & River network, we move waste out of London using barges & tugs, to provide a more efficient & sustainable form of transportation. Using this alternative method of transport, we are diverting traffic off London’s roads, reducing air pollution and decreasing our client’s carbon footprint in the Capital. We are effectively ‘going back to the past, to change the future’.

The waterways offer a huge opportunity for our clients to not only remove waste but to also bring in office supplies & equipment.

Our fleet of 70ft long barges are capable of taking up to 70 tonnes of co-mingled waste at any one time to our recycling facility. Here the waste is taken through a state of the art turnkey MRF (Material Recycling Recovery Facility) where on average 71% of the waste is recovered as clean recyclable material with the remaining 29% as waste to energy (WtE) powering homes but critically providing a Zero to Landfill service to all of our clients. Our waste facility is uniquely based on the canal allowing us to transport our waste to them by both water & road. Reassuring our clients that we strive to mitigate road travel, reduce carbon footprint wherever possible.

Recycling services by water on a barge
Recycling services unloading the barge


Recycling services lorry

Road & Water

Our Road & Water service, ensures that clients whose premises are not located adjacent to the waterways can still access our specialised services.

We also provide caged & HGV vehicles, to collect waste from inland operations and transport it where possible back to our barges or directly by road to a sustainable recycling facility in the shortest journey possible; using state of the art route optimising software to mitigate road travel, reducing carbon footprint and further spreading our net to a wider audience. Currently moved 50% of its waste out of London in bulk on our barges using London’s canal network.


Bulky Waste

We provide a full end to end ad-hoc bulky waste service for offices, residential landlords, housing associations, estate’s and educational establishments. 99% of all bulky waste is recycled and where possible we upcycle items that can be repurposed utilising our network of charities and educational institutions.

General Waste

Waste that cannot be fully recycled in West London either due to organic food contamination, wet paper & cardboard or general contamination is treated as EfW (Energy from Waste) as RDF (refuse derived fuel) creating district heating to homes. This process ensures 100% landfill avoidance.

Recycling services barge


unloading rubbish by water at powerday
Recycling services stacks of recycled material
irecycle services carboard

Green Waste

In addition to our bulky waste service we are now able to provide a green waste collection service. This service is only by road. Their facility can process 50,000 tonnes of organic waste each year, enabling them to manufacture a variety of high quality soil conditioners for agricultural & commercial uses and provides our clients with a very circular & eco-friendly solution for their green waste.

Mixed Recycling

All waste that is free from contaminants is separated into the individual waste streams (paper, cardboard, plastics, metals etc) and is sent to individual companies to be repurposed. We provide full end to end waste journeys to all customers upon request.

Food Waste

All naked and packaged food waste is separated from all other waste streams and treated in East London via state of the art process of Anaerobic Digestion (AD) creating methane that powers the National grid and local homes. The remaining residual material is used on farms as a high quality fertiliser.


Cardboard is flat packed, baled at our facility in North London and sent to Essex in bulk where it is repurpose.


Glass bottles & jars are consolidated at our facility in North London and sent to South East London to be repurposed.


WEEE / Electrical Waste

We are able provide our clients with electrical & electronic waste disposal by crate or cage as their volumes require. This is a ‘recycling & reuse’ service is provided by one of our supplier partners.

The service enables our clients to send their electrical waste for ethical & compliant processing by a re-use, repair & refurbishment service. In accordance with the WEEE Directive.

Recycling services old tech


Recycling services consultancy


Let us take the friction out of your FM needs by providing bespoke, site specific consultancy on all your soft services needs. With our decades of facilities experience and expansive list of suppliers we can identify what waste streams are required, how many bins per occupancy level or sq/ft of space is required, provide affordable or high end internal and external bins and all costs associated. We also provide recommendations & guidance for trusted cleaning companies, landscaping, M&E, janitorial supplies and other FM services to clients and present in a comprehensive report.


Client reporting

In a world where measuring everything we do, it is important that we account for our waste recycling and can provide full transparency to our clients and their occupants/tenants.

From end to end we provide bespoke client reports that calculates the volume of each waste stream collected, how well it was processed where the waste goes to, the Co2 offsetting through our barge operations combined with the recycling and waste to energy contributions. In addition to this we publish the amount our clients contributed towards our employment of homelessness, all providing significant data for our clients CSR, environmental and sustainability reports & objectives.



irecycle waste by water barge
Recycling services wood piles
irecycle services carboard

Innovation & technology section

Outside of iRecycle’s innovative method of transportation we use an expansive array of tech & machinery to ensure we optimise our services, minimise our movements and provide transparency to our clients. 

Route optimisation

Using the latest technology we plan all of our collections to ensure we optimise our routes, minimise the mileage and fuel consumption, ultimately ensuring our carbon footprint is minimised. 

Waste compaction

From food dehydration, cardboard baling, glass crushing and compaction of commingled waste streams on both the barges and our dust carts we ensure we minimise all movements whether by road or water.

Time & Attendance system

To ensure our staff are remunerated accurately for the hours they work and more importantly to ensure loan workers are safe and accounted for, we use automated T&A tech for all staff. 

GPS Tracking

All vessels & vehicles are fitted with the latest GPS tracking systems to ensure we can track and track all movements. This allows us to ensure staff safety, asset safety and analyse the efficiency of our routes and trends to ensure we provide the most efficient services to all our clients.

barge boat 2
Recycling services organic matter
barge boat

Marine team focus

Proud to boast a combined 40 years of marine based logistics amongst our partners ensuring our clients are provided with a safe & efficient service.

iRecycle is proud to partner with both Wood Hall & Heward & The London Waterways Project.  Both companies have provided iRecycle with an abundance of marine knowledge, logistical guidance, expertise and experience from iRecycle’s inception.

Specialising in built environments and experienced in a wide variety of projects from small scale to significant landmarks. Both WHH & WP provide unique skills to the iRecycle water operations and have ensured we are utilising the canal system to the best of our ability and providing us with invaluable safe marine logistics for our client sites based along the waterways and a sustainable method of transporting waste out of London.

In addition, iRecycle works closely with CRT (Canal & River Trust) the custodians of the UK’s inland waterways ensuring biodiversity is at the forefront of our marine operation. Sustainability has never been more relevant and iRecycle is proudly helping to keep the canals clean & rubbish free.

During the summer months, we take clients out on the barge with long nets to fish out rubbish, as we transport our barges along the canal network.  Our clients find this activity, is a great team building exercise; supporting not only their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) requirements but also helping to rid the waterways of plastic pollutants.

“In our current climate Environmental, Social, Mental issues are at the forefront of our Society and these important challenges are factored into every fibre of iRecycle’s DNA”


Recycling services team
waste by water 2
Recycling services by water looking after nature

Moving waste by water

Proudly using the Regents Canal waterways to move waste out of London, committed to reducing carbon footprint & improve air & water quality

iRecycle Waste Management begun moving Waste by Water (WbW) in Jan 2019 starting with Camden Market. The premise of moving WbW was designed to mitigate road transportation, ease congestion on London’s roads and ultimately reduce carbon emissions in the process. In July 2018 Founder & CEO Elliot Lancaster stressed tested the WbW concept by partnering with Powerday to move Camden Markets waste on barges directly from the market using the Regents & Grand Union Canal. Powerday’s wharf enables iRecycle to seamlessly avoid road transport entirely and dramatically reduce Co2 emissions.

Since January 2019 iRecycle has moved over 2300 tonnes of commercial waste on their barges to Powerday to be recycled. This innovative method has removed over 2000 caged tipper journeys from Camden to Powerday which translates to 12,400 miles being removed from London’s roads. To date WbW equates to 63% of iRecycle’s overall waste collections. Moving forward iRecycle will be investing in compaction technology to enable grater volumes of waste moved at one time as the business continues to scale.

In addition to this environmentally forward thinking method, iRecycle employees 45% of it’s front line staff from homelessness, fighting this critical issue and providing social value to its clients and partners.


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